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Name:Billy "Dante" Kingston
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:United States of America
Life's a lot more interesting when seen through the eyes of someone who can never die.

Bio (not for mun knowledge):
Name - Billy Kingston
Date of birth - June 6, 1906
Place of birth - Topeka, KS
Current residence - Los Angeles, CA

In his own words:
I headed out west with my family after we lost our farm and ended up staying in eastern California. I moved out to Los Angeles a couple of years later and have stayed here ever since. I think it's safe to say I've seen a lot of changes since I've been living here.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I made friends with a bootlegger who said I could make some good money if I joined his operation. One night he took me to a speakeasy he liked to go to regularly that was owned and operated by a good friend of his. He introduced me to Paulie and we took a liking to each other. One night he told me he wanted to share a secret with me even if it meant I'd leave him. I was shocked when I found out what he was but I stayed and we were together for about five months before his place was busted into by some gangland types who didn't like the fact he didn't want to cut them in on his profits. There was some shooting and I got caught in the crossfire. Paulie managed to get me out of there while his own boys stayed behind. They were killed and the place was burned down. Paulie told me he didn't care about that because he thought he was going to lose me. The only way he could save me was to make me into what he was. He did and I never knew how much one person could love another one until he brought me back to life. We were together until a hunter got him almost twenty years ago. I never stopped loving him in all that time but I couldn't be the same person I was if he wasn't with me anymore. That's when I became Dante. I saw the name in a book and thought it sounded interesting and fitting since I feel like I've been in hell since Paulie was murdered. No one knows about my past and I'm gonna do my best to make sure they never find out. Those memories are just for me.

This journal has been created for RP and creative writing purposes only. The character of Dante is being represented by Adam Lambert and is not associated with him in any way.

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